Your Own Unique Natural Stone

Made Naturally by Mother Earth

…over millions of years…

Make your project truly yours with nature’s art.

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Craftsmanship in Stone since 1883.


Of unique stone slabs for you to see and touch.


Generations of Dunn family stone masons.

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See and feel our gallery of 100s of gorgeous natural stone slabs.

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As more than 6,000 happy customers have done.

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We've been serving you since 1883 and not going anywhere.

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Our team combined has more than 100 years experience.

How it works

Step 1 – Browse Our Stone

Come into the factory and see and touch our 100s of natural slabs. See the exact stone that you will chose.

Step 2 – Select Your Slab

Select your slab. That will be tagged on the spot and you will get the stone you choose with all the unique markings you love.

Step 3 – We fabricate and install!

We take the measurements for your project, design to your specifications and install for you!

Craftsmanship in stone since 1883

We are Tasmania's monumental mason. We have been serving Tasmania with natural stone since 1883. We provide customised service whether it involves taking customers through the process of selecting their unique slab for their kitchen benchtop or leading someone through the design and manufacture of a custom monument for a loved one.

Your Unique Project

Let us guide you whether you are looking to create a natural work of art with your bench top…

Or design a custom monument for a loved one…

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