Natural Stone

We have a love for natural stone. No two slabs are the same.

With our slab gallery, customers come in, walk through the factory, see all the available slabs and select their slab on the spot.

That slab with the individual markings will be theirs.


With a Dunn natural benchtop, you are getting exactly what you choose.


Our first marble kitchen top was installed in 1925. And it’s still beautiful today.

Imported Stone

In addition to the amazing variety Tasmania gives us, we also import stone from all over the world.

This gives you a tremendous selction. And enables your project to be truly unique.

Past Projects

Just a few of the many installations we have completed over the years.

Images must be regarded as showing the type and general appearance of the product which, as a product of nature, is subject to variation. Exact resemblance cannot be guaranteed.